We shall die to self to serve-Democratic Party

 We shall die to self to serve-Democratic Party

Democratic Party (DP) Spokesperson Judith Kabemba (l) with party President Gift Kalumba showing off the party symbol at Kitwe’s Sherbourne Executive Lodge. Picture By JOHN SAKALA

‘We shall die to self in order to serve Zambia,’ Democratic Party (DP) Spokesperson Judith Kabemba has said.

Speaking during the Copperbelt media breakfast at Kitwe’s Sherboune Executive Lodge, Ms Kabemba said Zambia needs selfless leaders to boom.

She said Zambia has a leadership gap which DP wants to fill up in order to economically emancipate the country.

“Most of the current crop of leaders’ entrusted with leadership are thirst to enrich themselves. We can’t have the much needed social infrastructure and empowerment of the youths. In order to continue being in power, they are suppressing human rights and promoting hate speech,” she said.

She said DP was dating Bahati Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba to be fielded as the DP 2021 Presidential candidate.

Ms Kabemba who was flacked by DP president Gift Kalumba said the party believes that Mr Kalaba has morals that can economically liberate the country.

“The current leadership has auctioned the country to the highest bidder no wonder you find Chinese selling mineral water in Zambia, making blocks and hijacking the transport sector,” she said.

Ms Kabemba said DP would be launched in August on the Copperbelt.

On the economic front, Ms Kabemba said DP would prioritize agriculture which has a ready market in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And Mr Kalumba promised to down the political Goliath of Zambia.

He said despite DP having youthful leadership they should not be mistaken to playing instead they should be viewed as David who killed man mount Goliath.

Mr Kalumba said the party will be launched as soon as the fine-tuning to the manifesto is done.

Some few new members at the same media breakfast.

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