We need to revitalize railways-TAZARA CEO

 We need to revitalize railways-TAZARA CEO

By Staff Writer
TAZARA Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bruno Ching’andu says that there is need to create efficiencies in the railways by investing more in the sub-sector.

Eng Ching’andu said cargo should be moved away from the roads to reduce the cost of products.

Speaking in an interview with a Spanish Film-Maker, Godacima Sl Film Production, in Dar es Salaam, he observed that road transportation is currently more competitive because the railways have become inefficient owing to limited investments.

Eng Ching’andu said that the roads were chocked, responsible for many fatalities and were not so friendly to the environment, compared to the railways.

He said the situation has resulted in the Governments of Tanzania and Zambia spending a lot of money on the perennial repair of roads.

Eng Ching’andu said that the bigger picture was to reduce the overall cost of transportation by revitalizing the railways.

“The future lies in revitalization because with that, the Authority would acquire more equipment, move more cargo, keep growing and reach break-even within three years. Given adequate investments and made more competitive, the railways would automatically move cargo away from roads and the situation would be totally different,” he said.

Alice Nachilembe


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