We need to develop Kantanshi –Kabwe

 We need to develop Kantanshi –Kabwe

Democratic Party Parliamentary candidate for Kantanshi Constituency Martin Kabwe says that Kantanshi is behind in terms of development and it’s time to develop it.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Kabwe said that the time has come for him and the people of Mufulira to work together in bringing development in the area.

Mr Kabwe said that there is a lot that needs to be done at Kantanshi and Mufurira at large. He said the Constituency is behind compared to other Town.

“I have seen a lot of development in other District like Chingola, Ndola, Kitwe just to mention a few, these Town  have developed very well but here, there a lot of hiccups especially Kantanshi which needs to be done,” he said.

Mr Kabwe said that there is need to be united in order to achieve a common goal if the area has to develop.

He said the area of Kantanshi deserves a leader that understands the challenges they are facing and the people should choose wisely.

Mr Kabwe urged all the political parties to conduct peace campaigns and avoid violence ahead of August general elections.

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