We must win the customer-Mulonga MD

 We must win the customer-Mulonga MD

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director Kanyembo Ndhlovu has implored employees at the water utility firm to ensure that they win over their customers.

In congratulating the employees after Mulonga Water was awarded as the best water utility, Mr Ndhlovu said being awarded the best water utility is one thing but wining the heart and confidence of the customer is ultimate.

“Our regulator using its benchmark has rated us the best. I want to share with you what the Minister’s speech contained that hit me hard. In it he said that no matter what, the customer’s perception is more important.

“That was sobering indeed. I therefore want implore all of us to ensure that even as we enjoy this moment, we challenge ourselves to win the customers over,” he said.

He said the achievement was due to hard work by all staff.

Mr Ndhlovu said the achievement had not come by accident but by the commitment of the team.

He urged employees to stick to what they did well and do more of it and also look at what was not done well correct it.

And Mulonga Water Public Relations Manager Debora Kangende said that the award for being the best performing utility is a waking call for MWSC staff.

Ms Kangende said to maintain the position the utility’s strategic plan of being ‘Customer centric’ should be a reality.

She said Mulonga has begun to change management process which has to influence the staff to embrace change.

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