We have handled Covid-19 casually as a Nation

 We have handled Covid-19 casually as a Nation

Dear Editor
I write to first and foremost offer my condolences to our two members of Parliament who passed on on Saturday 19th July 2020 due to COVID 19 related ailments. May the souls of these Civic Leaders rest in peace.
I have noted with disappointment how as a country we have handled this COVID 19 pandemic casually, both on individual level and as a government.
The government has been casual in its preventive measures in that they have been initiating huge gatherings in the name of giving solidarity of handouts for empowerment without care of the spread.
This has been seen visually and they have been justifying the huge crowds to us Zambians when asked why. Even the republican President’s life unfortunately has been risked in the name of developmental projects inspections that turn out to be political gatherings.
Its for this reason that even on individual level, it became very difficult to convince someone to social distance or sanitise when they see the whole Leadership not adhering to the health guidelines.
With National Assembly being the latest to record the high numbers of Covid 19 pandemic positive cases where even deaths of two of our legislators have been recorded, we now expect everyone to respect and adhere to Covid 19 guidelines irrespective of political affiliation.
Let this be a turning point for everyone and stop using the scourge to advance personal or group agendas as we know COVID 19 is real.
Wisdom Muyunda


The Independent Observer


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