We do not support homosexuality-HH

 We do not support homosexuality-HH

By Staff Writer
President Hakainde Hichilema has reiterated that Zambia shall remain a Christian nation, and that it shall remain unchangeable and resolute to this belief.

Speaking during the President and pastors engagement meeting in Chingola, Mr Hichilema said that his Government, the UPND party, and indeed as President of the Republic of Zambia does not support homosexuality.

“This is on the basis of our culture and Christian faith and values. Our Constitution is also clear on these inimical acts. During the meeting, we also stated that as a government, we are doing everything possible to foster development that will ultimately trickle down to improving the live hood of all our citizens,” he said.

The President called for unity in the country based on the rich background of diversity that makes our children simply Zambians.

He assured the clergy that government is committed to address critical issues affecting the people of Zambia at all costs.

Reverend Lumbwe who presented his petition to the president on behalf of Chingola pastors called on president Hakainde to look into the high cost of living for the people of Zambia.

Rev Lumbwe told the President that Zambia is Nsima hence when mealie meal prices are high then things are not okay.

He said that Government ordered Defense to subsidize maize to millers but prices are still high and people are not able to meet basic needs.

Rev Lumbwe also called for the recapitalization of Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia so that the price of fertilizer can be reduced.

And Pastor Emmanuel Mudia from Chililabombwe said that Government should consider reviewing the fuel price quarterly or after six months rather than every month.

Pastor Mudia said that the smuggling of mealie to the DRC should be regulated at Kasumbalesa border post because it is causing the price of mealie meal to go up.

He said that the mealie meal price went up to K400 and sometimes Zambian citizens at the border are exposed to use voter’s card to buy mealie meal.

He also said with as they are still some intimidation and interference by cadres

Other issues raised by the clergy were issues to do with land, ex miner’s wellbeing and infrastructure development in some parts of the country and also caderism to be fully dealt with.

And Life Gospel Cathedral church overseer Bishop Joseph Kazhila said that the church is the mirror of society hence the gathering to meet the president was just an engagement with the president not a political gathering.

Bishop Kazhila commended government for denouncing evil vices such as Gay and Lesbians right, tribalism and other bad vices.

Bishop Kazhila said that the family should not lose its values and morals instead it should uphold them and as long as the church stands united it will never be shaken.


Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.