We are tired of paying attention to the so called dialogue

 We are tired of paying attention to the so called dialogue

Dear Editor,

The so called dialogue is fake.  None of the parties involved genuinely care for the Zambian masses and are seeking constructive ways of securing a peaceful political climate in our homeland.

The PF and President Edgar Lungu especially are very dishonest.

They are controlling the state organs that are contributing to this violence.

They have the power to stop political violence if they wanted to. But the violence is engineered by them. And it’s for their benefit. They have no incentive to stop the violence.

Secondly, any genuine party seeking dialogue does not need an intermediary.

What is wrong with President Lungu and Mr Hakainde sitting down and resolving the issue?

What type of leaders are they if they can’t forgo their egos and face each other?

It’s a sheer waste of public time to continue paying attention to this drama. It’s pointless and not genuine.

Joseph Kangwa
Chingola Socialist Party Coordinator

The Independent Observer


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