We are enough to make Zambia a great nation-NGO

 We are enough to make Zambia a great nation-NGO

By Staff Writer
Never Alone Foundation (NAF) a nongovernmental organization says the youths are enough to make Zambia a great nation.

NAF president Jackson Mulikita said the economic set up of Zambia has a good and outstanding demographic dividend of youths.

Mr Mulikita urge the youth across the board to be true to themselves in helping to build the nation by fully participating in national policy structures as key stakeholders in trade and commerce, governance and political issues.

“There is a strong need for the youths in the country to raise up to the occasion and charter on a progressive path of ensuring that they place education and entrepreneurship skills as a serious investment and should also undertake good morals as panacea to ensuring that this nation is mirrored with responsible citizens more so future leaders who are given birth from this current crop of generation,” he said.

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