Water shortage amid plenty: Chingola ZISC Complex residents resort to harvesting rainwater

Dear Editor,

There is a serious water shortage at Chingola ZSIC complex which has bern goung for two weeks now forcing residents to resort to harvesting rainwater.

Chingola has always had a water problem but this time its worse for ZSIC Complex residents who have gone two weeks without water the situation which is unbearable.

As you know, if there is no water, residents simply learn to live without it.

They have gotten used to bathing rain water. Thanks to heaven for the rains which have eased the agony of the poor residents.

And to the neighborhood like EmitGreen Gardens and the Banda’s on Gandi road for aiding residents with water for cooking and doing dishes.

Currently people are meant to buy water because those with boreholes use power to keep the borehole pumps running.

But one wonders for how long will this go on especially without formal communication to the affected.

Of course, the water utility company Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company and ZSIC could do better than this. It is a shame and very unfortunate.

It is not as if residents are not paying rent or for the service. Communication is part of customer care and in this area ZSIC has failed because it is their duty to ensure it’s tenants are adequately communicated with when there is a problem of this magnitude.

Disappointed ZSIC Resident!

The Independent Observer

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