Water crisis at Mutenda primary school worries Councillor

 Water crisis at Mutenda primary school worries Councillor

By Ireen Mulenga
Mutenda Ward Councilor Hamalila Himanansa has expressed concern over the water crisis at Mudenda Primary School and Mutenda market in Chingola.

Speaking during a full Council meeting today, Mr Himanansa said that the school and the market haven’t had water for a long time.

He said he has been raising this concern from 2016 and nothing has been done.

Mr Himanansa said that his suggestion was to sink boreholes at the school so that leaners and the people of Mundeda ward can have access to clean and safe drinking water.

He said that from the time he raised it up to now the school has been operating like that drawing water from the stream.

“I raised this concern for long time and this is the last council meeting we are having, so I don’t know whether my people have been denied the service or have been sidelined,” he said.

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said that water is life and people should have access to clean safe drinking water.

Mr Tembo said that the management will look into the matter and promised to visit the school soon.

And Chabanyama Ward Councilor William Kabuswe also complained about bad roads in the peri-urban area.

Mr Kabuswe said feeder roads needs to be graded in the ward.

He said that before the grader got defective there was negligence in the way the operators had kept it.

Mr Kabuswe said there is agent need to look into the matter before the roads are completely immotorable.

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