Voting in Lubwi underway

 Voting in Lubwi underway

Voting in Lubwa ward is underway amid tight security provided by Zambia Police at some polling stations.

Voting started at exactly 06:00 hours is expected to close at 18:00 hours.

Some polling stations like Matete secondary and Riverain primary had tight security due to an incident that happened at Matete secondary just after 08:30 hours

A check by The Independent Observer staffer found a low turnout at St Mathews, Matete Secondary, Riverain Primary polling stations.

The two polling stations are within Nkana East but had few people turning up to vote while at Mwaiseni polling station in Zambia compound had an impressive crowd with over 125 voters cast by 09:50 hours.

A check at St Mathews Catholic Church polling station at 08:30 hours found one (1) voter had cast the vote out of 33 registered voters while Matete secondary had less than 50 votes cast out of about 1600 registered voters

Three political parties Patriotic Front (PF), National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party and the United Party for National Development are contesting the Lubwa ward by elections are all confident of scooping the seat that fell vacant after the demise of the Godfridah chulu.

And St Mathews Parish Priest Father Steven Katebe has called for peace and incident free in the ongoing by election in Lubwa ward.

Fr Katebe said the contestants in the by election should accept the outcome of the election than resort to accusing each each other of stealing votes as the people of Lubwa want a leader that will bring development in the area.

He said whoever will win in the election will need to be supported by all residents and the political parties to foster development adding that political players should accept the results of the election.

He urged registered voters to cast their vote and elect a leader that will bring development in the area.

“All registered voters need to go and vote as this is there right. Development will be attained if the people vote for leaders that they want. If they don’t vote for the right person they shouldn’t complain,” he said.

The Lubwa ward has about 7,490 registered voters.

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