Video: Wife to Rayford Mbulu verbally assaulted in ichimbo camalilo

Annett, the wife of Zambia’s High Commissioner to Ghana, Rayford Mbulu has been verbally assaulted by the family of the late Diplomat.

Initially there were conflicts of where the Diplomat was supposed to be buried with the wife suggesting that he be buried in town.

But the family wanted him buried in Chief Mwansakombe in Chifunabali saying Mr Mbulu was apparent heir to the throne and had already been initiated into traditional takeovers.

The family had boycotted the funeral of their relative and fearing what could have happened, the wife succumbed and the body was taken from Kitwe to Chifunabali District in Luapula Province.

But here it was an embarrassing parade for the window.

With their sarcastic dirge popularly known as Bemba funeral songs, the women sung that the widow was a prostitute and foolish.

WATCH VIDEO: The family of late Zambia’s High Commissioner to Ghana, Rayford Mbulu were offended by the alleged actions of the widow and her refusal to bury him in the village in Luapula.

They, however, took the body to Luapula for burial. Listen to the ichimbo cha malilio.

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