Video: Chiwempala riot again

Chingola woke up to a rude shock as the people of Chiwempala ran amok rioting and looting.

This comes barely a few days when the community rioted and looted some shops and set ablaze houses and vehicles of Isaac Munkondya.

The residents apprehended a man coming from his drinking spree purporting is one of the ritual killers and they wanted to burn him alive.

But the police rescued him around 01:00 and took him to Chiwempala police however, in the morning people were annoyed as they heard that he was released.

This sparked a riot and looting of the shop near Chiwempala post office.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the apprehended man was miner from Lubambe mine who knocked off early but went to drink.

Ms Katanga the mob looted one shop and an 11 year old boy was hit by a stray bullet during the same riot.

She identified the boy as Warren Mwaba a Grade 4 pupil at Kachema Musuma community school.

She said the boy had sustained a gunshot wound on the left shoulder and was admitted to Nchanga North Hospital where his condition was said to be stable.

The Commissioner said the situation is calm and police are on the ground maintaining the situation.

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said the people should give police chance to do their work and not take law in their own hands.

Mr Tembo said has called on residents to verify information and not act on hearsay.

Later, Chingola Police Chief Peter Miselo and his officers braved the irate mob in order to address the people of Chiwepala at two Kalis.

Mr Miselo thanked the community of Chiwempala for helping the police in fighting crime.

He urged the people not take law into their own hands but let the law take its own course.

He said police do not take delight in hacking and they also want peace and order to prevail.

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