Vendata should only come back on conditions-Mulenga

 Vendata should only come back on conditions-Mulenga

Caritas Zambia Chingola Coordinator Eugene Mulenga has commended Vendata Resources for taking the initiative to fumigate and cleaning public places like markets.

Mr Mulenga said the move is aimed at helping the local Authorities and the Central Government to mitigate the Coronavirus pandemic.

And Mr Mulenga alleged that the move might as well be a way of seeking sympathy from the people because Vendata wants to come back to KCM.

He said that if Vendetta is to come back, then it has to be conditional and they have to be compelled to meet certain social and economic conditions which can be enshrined in a social contract.

“This has to include that they meet certain investment demands, promote Zambian businesses and workforce, if by any chance they were allowed to come back, and committee themselves to improving workers work conditions” he said.

Mr Mulenga also urged Government officials to avoid corruption and bribery in dealing with Vendatta Resources.

He said that if this is observed Government is not going to be compromised resulting in sound running of KCM.

Mr Mulenga said that the community should be prioritised by desisting from any form of bribery and corruption, as the mine itself is requiring huge financial assistance.

“Government is current heavily indebted making it unable to pump money in the mine that requires huge investment, which is why there need to be sound in making decisions that concern the mine, as it is a national asset, because if there is not development the future of the mine is not guaranteed, translating to low production of copper,” he said.