Veep should intervene in land alienation in Chingola

 Veep should intervene in land alienation in Chingola

Dear Editor,

I write to call on the Vice President Inonge Wina to make sure that she intervenes in land alienation in the country.

There is a well calculated move where the elite are collaborating with councils countrywide to make land ownership difficult for the poor but very easy for the elite and security officers who they use to demolish their structures in the name of illegality.

While all this is happening, the elite that include MPs and Ministers are colluding with council officers busy giving themselves big chunks of land and easily acquiring papers for them at councils while it is a dead end for the majority poor who most often have been on their land for over five years.

Stop using these vulnerable people when you need votes from them, as a government your role is to make these poor people have social amenities like water, electricity among others just like the elite.

Some MPs, are even building less than five metres away from the rail line as the case of one of the PF MPs in Chingola who building in Gymkhana.

As reported and seen on the ground and everyone is quiet yet if it was the poor person, demolition could have been executed.

What makes him different from others threatened with demolitions?

What a shame to have such a country of animal farm type of administration as if we have no leadership to protect the poor!

Your Honour Mrs Inonge you are a mother and therefore appeal to you to intervene in these inequalities in land ownership in the nation without delay because that is what will surely work against your government in 2021 if you don’t know.



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