Vedanta Assures Mine Unions

 Vedanta Assures Mine Unions

By Staff Writer
Vedanta stands ready to collaborate with the labour movement in Zambia as they promote the interests of the workers in the mining sector.

Vedanta is committed to working with the Mine Workers Union of Zambia, National Union of Miners and Allied Workers and the United Mine Workers Union of Zambia for the betterment of the sector.

Masuzyo Ndhlovu, the Vedanta Zambia Corporate Communications Director has emphasised the company’s unequivocal commitment to the development of the mines and to increase production capacity in order to realise Zambia’s vision target of three million metric tonnes per annum of copper, a target set by the government.

Mr Ndhlovu said Vedanta plans to offer the workers at Konkola Copper Mine a 20 percent salary increment across the board and a one-off payment of K2,500 within three months of its return.

He said measurable, impactful Corporate Social Responsibility programmes will be enhanced as is the case in South Africa, Namibia, or India.

Mr Ndhlovu said upon Vedanta’s return to the management of KCM Board, the company will, together with all relevant stakeholders, work towards drawing up a framework of cooperation and sustainable engagement for KCM’s future Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

He has highlighted crucial support to the hospitals, clinics, schools through scholarships, livestock, and promotion of youth development programmmes, training and sports development, including football sponsorship.

Mr. Ndhlovu said it is the intention of Vedanta to ensure that Zambian small businesses are prioritised in its supply chain and that KCM will put in place a procurement programme aimed at providing support and medium-term contracts.

On Friday, the Mine Workers Union of Zambia, the National Union of Miners and Allied Workers and the United Mine Workers Union of Zambia called for the recapitalization of the operations which include exploration, equipment replacement and operationalisation of the Konkola Deep Mining Project.

The unions also want improved condition of services for employees and a well-defined Corporate Social Responsibility.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.