Utilize skills Centres for entrepreneurial skills- Chililabombwe TC

 Utilize skills Centres for entrepreneurial skills- Chililabombwe TC

By Staff Writer
Chililabombwe Town Clerk George Mulenga has said that Chililabombwe youths should utilize the Vocational Skills Training centre in order for them to acquire entrepreneurial skills and improve their livelihoods.

Speaking during the tour of the Youth Vocational Training Centre the TC said that youths should   make use of the Training facility to optimize chances of earning a living through skill acquisition.

Mr Mulenga, also said  that the training centre which is a master piece in Chililabombwe district  runs yearly  courses and will this year offer two courses only.

The TC explained that youths that are facing Financial Challenges should apply for CDF bursaries for skills development.

“CDF has a component for bursary provision to successful applicants facing Financial Challenges to acquire skills at the centre,” he said.

Mr Mulenga made the visit to inspect the preparedness of the facility and staff for the open day which is January 9th 2023.

The Town Clerk in a separate interview mentioned that that lessons on Skills Centre operations and Lesson planning where learnt from the recent study tour which was undertaken at Kitwe City Council.

He also highlighted the placement of knowledgeable Lecturers, needed materials, equipment’s and the accreditation of the skills centre with TEVETA as yet another milestone achieved for smooth operations.

The TC further explained the need for the Council to continue to run the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) sensitization programs for the general public to understand fully on how CDF can be accessed especially for those who are facing financial challenges.