US to continue supporting the energy sector

 US to continue supporting the energy sector

The United States of America government has reaffirmed its support to the energy sector in Zambia.

US Acting Director of Trade and Development Agency Enoh Ebong said this is because with good investment in energy, the country’s economic development will be enhanced.

She added that the US government is happy that the project is bearing fruit in the community.

Ms Ebong said this after touring the standard Microgrid Solar Project in Ngwerere area of Lusaka.

And, Standard Microgrid Project Chief Executive Officer Brian Somers disclosed that over 15 Million United States dollars has been spent on the project since 2017.

“My organisation is determined to bring sustainable and affordable power to underserved communities across the country,  over 1 hundred and 30 homes in Ngwerere area of Lusaka district are benefiting from the project,” he said.