UPND car shattered in full view of police

 UPND car shattered in full view of police

By Staff Writer
As suspected PF cadre has damaged a UPND branded car in full view of police officers in Kasama.

A cadre who used a wheel spanner to shatter the front and rear screens could not fear the police parked nearby as he mounted on top of the car to accomplish his mission.

The UPND branded car as seen in the video was parked at Kasama Shoprite.

Samuel Kambangu calling himself a senior citizen said when the opposition UPND complain of police brutality, lawlessness and favouring the ruling pf they deny it and some people doubt.

“Whenever PF cadres commit atrocities against the opposition they look at what is happening but take no action against the culprits. They act swiftly arrest the opposition even when in defence under provocation by the PF cadres. A case in point is a UPND branded campaign vehicle which was packed outside ShopRite store in Kasama, where PF cadre visibly seen smashing its wind screens and body damage while state police are looking on.

“This was done in broad daylight which police cannot deny. Even when the PF cadres found it campaigning in the field they have right whatsoever to damage it. Peace loving Zambians should take the lawlessness being perpetuated by pf seriously and hold them accountable. This and many more are evidence enough to build up cases to kick them out of power through the ballot come 2021,” he said.

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