UPND alliance warns Lumezhi Lawmaker to stop demeaning Dr Miti

 UPND alliance warns Lumezhi Lawmaker to stop demeaning Dr Miti

By Staff Writer
The ruling UPND Alliance has warned Lumezhi Constituency Independent Member of Parliament Munir Zulu to desist from his attempts to demean Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti and Government through his unsubstantiated utterances to the media.

UPND Alliance Media Director Thabo Kawana said at a press briefing yesterday afternoon, that the Lumezhi Lawmaker should refrain from such utterances before he lands himself in unnecessary problems.

Mr Kawana wondered why he was publicly demeaning Dr Miti in his capacity as a Senior public officer, accusing him of being a criminal not fit to occupy the position.

Lumezhi Independent Member of Parliament Munir Zulu recently made claims both on social media and the press implicating the Secretary to Cabinet in a scandal involving the importation of unapproved covid-19 vaccines which were recently destroyed by ZAMRA and also alleged that Dr Miti was linked to the Henry Kapoko case at the Ministry of Health involving abuse of public resources.

He also said Mr Zulu should realize that as a young parliamentarian, he now has a privilege to ask questions on behalf of the people of Zambia to the authorities on the floor of parliament instead of him playing to the gallery raising his issues through the press.

He said Mr Zulu’s approach towards Dr Miti seems to be a personal vendetta when he must not try to demean a senior officer in public in his capacity as an elected lawmaker.

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