UPND Alliance Mpulungu parliamentary candidate goes ahead with campaigns

 UPND Alliance Mpulungu parliamentary candidate goes ahead with campaigns

UPND Alliance Mpulungu parliamentary candidate Leonard Mbao says he will continue with campaigns despite the cancellation of elections in the constituency by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Last month, the ECZ canceled the Mpulungu parliamentary nomination saying fresh nominations for eligible candidates would have to be called, following the resignation of Gilbert Bwali Musonda who was one of the candidates.

Mr Mbao said despite the cancellation of nominations for the Mpulungu parliamentary seat, campaigns will continue in the constituency until the electoral body communicates a final decision officially.

He said that the candidate who initially pulled out of the parliamentary race in Mpulungu had rescinded his decision in writing to the ECZ within 7 days.

Mr Mbao said no official correspondence has been given until now by the electoral body whether fresh nominations will be called or not.

He said it is on these grounds that UPND Alliance is confident that as ballot papers are being printed in Dubai, ballots for the Mpulungu parliamentary candidates will also be printed for polls to be held on 12th August alongside the rest of the elections.

“We have a clear direction as to where we are going because it has been some time now yet, nothing has been mentioned as to whether fresh nominations will be called because they have not set a date. We have continued with campaigns normally and we are very positive that we are going to have elections on the 12th of August” Mr Mbao said.

According to Article 52 (6) of the constitution, “where a candidate dies, resigns or becomes disqualified in accordance with Article 70, 100 or 153 of a court disqualifies a candidate for corruption or malpractice, after close of nominations and before the election date, the Electoral Commission shall cancel the election and require the filing of fresh nominations by eligible candidates and elections shall be held within thirty days of the filing of the fresh nominations.”

However, the ECZ on Wednesday set 12th July, 2021 as the date for holding fresh nominations for Mandevu and Lusaka Central Constituencies whose initial nominations were canceled on the same day with those for Mpulungu parliamentary candidates.

Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.