UPND adopts Pastor Kangwa for Lusaka Mayor

The opposition UPND has adopted Pastor Kangwa Chileshe as its candidate for the Lusaka Mayoral elections.

Pastor Kangwa is famed for his acting role in Zambia’s first soap opera Kabanana in which he played the lead role of Jason Kabanana.

The UPND has also adopted George Muleya as the party’s candidate for the Chilanga Council Chairperson position.

UPND Chairperson for Elections Garry Nkombo unveiled the two candidates at a news conference late Thursday.

And in an interview, Pastor Chileshe thanked the UPND leadership and the entire membership for adopting him as one to contest the Lusaka Mayoral elections.

He said if elected, he will work towards creating a city that everyone will be proud to live.

Pastor Chileshe said once elected, he will instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in the running of the city council with strong adherence to the rule of law

He says he knows Lusaka very well and it’s many challenges having been born in the city at UTH and lived most of his life there/LT.

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