UNZALARU commends additional loans

 UNZALARU commends additional loans

University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) has thanked Government for awarding additional loans to 2-thousand 7-hundred and 80 students at the University of Zambia.

UNZALARU General Secretary Kelvin Mambwe says the new dawn administration has listened to the cry of the people and provided additional funding for more students to access University education.

Dr Mambwe said the move by Government is commendable as it has never happened for such a big number to be given loans on appeal.

He said that going forward government should provide Student Loans based on vulnerability and not the point scored by a student.

Dr Mambwe said vulnerable students should be given the loans as long as they meet the criteria for entering the University.

This follows after Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board awarded additional student loans to 2 thousand 7-hundred and 80 first year students at UNZA for the 2021/2022 academic year, yesterday.

He has also urged Management at UNZA to use the additional funding in from students loans to improve the work environment for the workers and learning environment for the learners.

Dr Mambwe said that management should also work at providing a pay rise following the additional funds from the government.