Unza loan recovery: Are Zambians human?

 Unza loan recovery: Are Zambians human?

Maurice Makalu the Motivational Speaker writes on his Facebook wall;

Sometimes I wonder if in Zambia we are human

The Bursaries Committee under its new name, Higher Education Education Loans shani shani uko wants to start recovering education loans from UNZA and CBU students beginning in 2004…I don’t know if it’s 2004 graduation or entry.

But here is the kicker…they want to start in September 2018…that’s immediately!

I don’t know why in Zambia we want to do things that involve masses “immediately.”

Do we think people don’t plan? They don’t get affected?

They should give minimum 12 months notice!

Not immediately. That’s not how you manage public things.

You have not even educated people how you will get the money!? Do they have to complete bank debit order forms? Do they pay through NAPSA? Or will it be a tax via ZRA?

Let’s not do abnormal things. We have minds please. Let’s THINK!

You CAN’T announce today that you will start deducting tomorrow something you have not deducted in decades. We are dealing with human beings please…10s of thousands of them. Give them time to be informed and to adapt.

Start deductions next year in July.

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