unleash military on the street premature

 unleash military on the street premature


All peoples Congress Party President Nason Msoni said the decision by President Edgar Lungu to unleash the military on the streets is completely premature.

Mr Msoni said arguably the cases of violence are isolated and do not warrant for the intervention of the military.

He said the dominant question is, was the Zambian army commander a mouthpiece of the Zambian President?

Mr Msoni said this is in view of the fact that the army commander had issued a statement similar to what the President has directed.

He said it gives the impression the army commander was just preparing ground for the President to make this announcement of unleashing the military in the streets.

Mr Msoni said that consultation is absolutely necessary with other political stakeholders in the country in view of the fact that parliament stands dissolved.

He sais ulilateral decisions by the outgoing president will not be accepted and will be treated with suspicion.

Mr Msoni said this is equal to the declaration of a state of emergency by default for purposes of causing fear and intimidation of the Zambian people ahead of the general elections slated to be held in a few days time.

He said that this decision should be reversed in the interest of the holding of free and fair elections.

“We call upon fraternal friends from the international community to urge the Zambian government to create an atmosphere and environment conducive for the holding of free and fair elections in Zambia,” he said.



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