Unknown Criminals stole a motor vehicle in Chingola

 Unknown Criminals stole a motor vehicle in Chingola

Five unknown Criminals have stolen a motor vehicle at Chingola town center and later dumped the owner in the bush at Namumba area.

Copperbelt Acting Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu said Billy Mvula 48, was attacked by five men wearing masks who bundled him in his motor vehicle and drove away to unknown direction and dumped him in the bush.

Ms Zulu said the victim had his legs and hands tied and later they injected him with unknown substance. 

She said brief Facts of the matter are that the victim went to drink in town at around 19:30 hrs whilst driving his motor vehicle a Toyota Hiace.

Ms Zulu said when he reached town Center, he went to drink from Nalus Night Club and parked his motor vehicle at Mulonga offices.

“He left Nalus Night Club at around 23:00 hours and went straight to his vehicle and started the engine. Before he could drive off, an unknown person approached him and opened the passenger’s door by force. Later on some other four men also came to his vehicle and dragged him out of the motor vehicle and put him at the back of his Toyota Hiace bus. The criminals later on drove away to unknown direction. They later injected him with some unknown substance and dumped him at unknown place at around 00:00 hours in the bush,” he said.

She said while in the bush the victim managed to untie himself and came to the road side, after seeing the dual carriage way, he discovered that he was dumped at Namumba area which is located in Chambeshi along Chingola Kitwe road.

Ms Zulu said that due to fear, the victim spent a night with a truck driver who had parked along the road, and on July 4, 2022  around 07:40 hours, the victim started off from Namumba area and came straight to Chingola Central police station to report the case.

She said the victim sustained swollen and painful left eye and general body pains.

Ms Zulu said this occurred on July 3, 2022 between 23:00hours and 00:00hours at town Center near Mulonga Company Head offices Chingola.

The details of the motor vehicle are mark: Toyota Hiace, white in colour, registration number AGB 8474 zm, chassis number KDH200 0056404, engine number 2KD 1509506.

Meanwhile the stolen motor vehicle has not yet been recovered and a docket of case opened and no arrest made.

In a Similar development in Kitwe Elijah Silomba, 38, of Chamboli was attacked by four unknown bare faced criminals armed with two unknown types of pistol.

Ms Zulu said the criminals harassed him and searched his pockets and robbed him of his Techno Pova cellphone valued at K2,890=00, K480=00 cash, 2×2 litres of Just Juice valued at K90=00, x2 loaves of bread valued at K25, x2 Mopani IDs, x1 Standard Chartered Bank ATM card and x1 Bayport ATM card.

She said the total value of property stolen is K3,485=00 and this occurred on July 3, 2022 around 02:30 hours.

“Brief facts are that the victim just reached his house and was at the gate waiting to be opened for when criminal pounced on him. The crime scene was visited and no clues leading to identification of the criminals found. Docket opened, no arrest made, investigations instituted,” she said.

Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.