Unkempt garbage worries Chingola MP

 Unkempt garbage worries Chingola MP

Chingola Constituency Member of Parliament Chipoka Mulenga has expressed concern over the unkempt garbage in Chabanyama ward.

Mr Chipoka also called on the residents to ensure that they dispose off the garbage in designated places to avoid the huge piles causing blockages.

He said that it is unfortunate that the garbage has blocked the road, making it impossible for motorists to access it.

Mr Chipoka who is also Commerce and Trade Minister said if not taken seriously, the pile of Garbage behind Chabanyama shops is a hazard that can cause an outbreak of diseases.

“I do not want the first case of Cholera this rainy season to be reported from my constituency, let us work on clearing this garbage, as it is a health hazard to everyone, shop owners and marketeers should find better ways of disposing off garbage,” he said.

Mr Chipoka also said that the Municipal Council as at now is short of machinery to clear garbage in the district, but when they do it is up to the people to maintain cleanliness.

Mr Chipoka was speaking when he visited Costa area in Chabanyama ward to appreciate the challenges.

And one of the residents affected in Costa Glays Mulima said the problem of blocked drainages and poor sanitation in the area dates from time in memorial.

Ms Mulima said that houses in Costa flood because of the garbage piles that have blocked the road.

She also said that due to lack of tap water the residents drink water from shallow wells that are very close to the pit latrines.

Ms Mulima appealed to Government help address the sanitation challenges that the area is faced with.

And Chabanyama Ward Councillor Moses Lungu said that the sanitation problem in Costa will soon be dealt with as plans to renovate the lone public toilet in the ghetto area are underway.

Chingola Member of Parliament Chipoka Mulenga was accompanied by District commissioner Raphael Chimupi and other district UPND party officials.