Unity and peace guarantees prosperity-Chilundika

 Unity and peace guarantees prosperity-Chilundika

Nchanga Member of Parliament Derricky Chilundika says that Unity and peace among Zambians is what guarantees prosperity and development.

Mr Chilundika said that it is normal for people to subscribe to different schools of thoughts but vital for them to remain united at all costs.

Speaking during Sunday homily at 12 apostles Nchanga parish, Mr Chilundika said that Government has plans to give back to residents through the increased Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

Mr Chilundika who is also Luapula Province Minister said that Government wants to empower the local people through contracts.

“I want to encourage residents of Nchanga not to listen to the voices of those trying to underscore Government’s development plans, time for us to work together is now, if any of you has any plans to develop Nchanga, my office is always open bring those ideas forth,” he said.

The Nchanga Parliamentarian was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Richard Kabwe, councillors from Kasala and Nchanga, as well as district party officials.

And 12 Apostles Parish Priest Martin Bwalya encouraged politicians to be truthful after being entrusted with authority.

Fr Bwalya said that this is because the people have given them power to decide against corruption.

He said that a lot of Zambians rely on the verdicts that those in power give, hence the call to use the power to empower residents.

Parish Vice Chairperson Balashi Mubanga took the opportunity to appeal to the Member of Parliament to ensure that the area where the parish is located is provided with running water.

Mr Mubanga said that the parish is more like a public place and it requires water to run always which has not been the case.