Undertaker verbally amputates Shaun Michaels

 Undertaker verbally amputates Shaun Michaels

The dead man the Undertaker yesterday appeared on WWE Raw brand where he verbally amputated another Hall of Fame Star Shaun Michaels.

Michaels was on the receiving when he predicted victory for the WWE Chief Operations Officer Triple H for the incoming pay per view ‘Super Showdown’ in Australia this coming October 6.

He said HHH will assassinate the Undertaker in the match billed as the last time showdown

But Mark William Calaway, better known by the ring name as The Undertaker made a surprise appearance where  he mocked Michaels of being a coward.

Michaels who said he had stayed true to his retirement unlike The Undertaker who keeps on coming back, the Dead man said Michaels was not staying away out of respect but out of fear of facing the Dead man.

The Undertaker said when he faces Triple H (HHH) in Australia he will again emerge victorious.

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