Understand Govt’s operations, SC’s told

 Understand Govt’s operations, SC’s told

Acting Secretary to the Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa says it is imperative for newly appointed service commissioners to have knowledge about government operations to enhance professionalism, efficiency and integrity in service delivery to Zambians.

Mr Kangwa said Government wants to see a public service which is proactive and responsive to the needs of the Zambians.

Speaking at the induction seminar for service commissioners in Lusaka, Mr Kangwa said that it is necessary that service commissioners are conversant with the existing conditions of service.

He said the induction will orient the commissioners to the conditions of service and corruption prevention strategies in the public service.

Mr Kangwa also urged service commissioners to seek expert advice from respective commission secretaries who are the custodians of the terms and conditions of service and other human resource.

“I want to advice service commissioners to be transparent in employee management, recruitment, placement and transfers among others, but you should to avoid vices such as tribalism, nepotism and other subjective considerations which can divide the country,” he said

Mr Kangwa said that he does not expect service commissions to be in the forefront to segregate employees based on tribe.

Those that attended the induction include Civil Service Commission, Local Government Service Commission, Zambia Police Service Commission, Teaching Service Commission and Zambia Correctional Service Commission.