Uhuru holds high voltage meeting

 Uhuru holds high voltage meeting

By The Independent Observer’s Correspondent in Kenya
Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday convened a high voltage Mt Kenya leaders’ meeting at Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri County where he put bare his succession debate amid perceived rebellion from some of his earstwhile political nemesis.

The president who has since cut links with his two term deputy William Ruto sought to melt down the perceived ever rising political rebellion from Mt. Kenya even as the governor of Nyeri County Mutahi Kahiga skipped the event. According to sources close to the president, the deputy president is Keen on convincing the vote rich region to abandon the president and back him for the top seat.

Shortly after the president’s arrival at the venue some minutes past midday, the country’s Health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe invited the head of state to greet his supporters even as he declared that it would only be the president addressing the gathering.

A visibly relaxed, composed and calm president took to the podium amid cheers from his audience. Immediately after greetings, in what could be a directed attack to his deputy William Ruto, President Kenyatta said some people continue to move around telling lies about the jubilee government, insisting that the truth would soon come out.

In so much a passionate way, the president said, “I told you time for politics will come, but before then, let us first focus on service delivery. They come here, dance for you and tell you how they love you. We shall know….I don’t want to talk about anyone but all I want is truth, Justice and fairness.”

The president pleaded with the people of Mt. Kenya region to embrace the handshake between former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and himself, urging that the handshake has helped in stabilizing the country.

It is now clear that President Uhuru Kenyatta is abandoning his deputy who has declared interest in August 8 general elections for his 2017 fierce competitor Raila Odinga