Ugandan MP seized moments after prison release

 Ugandan MP seized moments after prison release

Ugandan opposition MP Allan Ssewanyana was re-arrested moments after being released from prison on bail on Thursday evening.

His lawyer, MP Shamim Malende, says she has no information on who is holding her client nor his whereabouts.

In a video clip shared across social media, the legislator can be seen walking past the prison facility’s checkpoint on his way out.

A few seconds after he passes the barrier, a white van, which has become infamously known as a “drone”, swerves and stops in front of him, and about six men dressed in black grab and throw him inside.

“Drones” became common during the election season in January, grabbing and whisking away thousands of opposition supporters, some of whom have never been seen again.

Mr Ssewanyana and colleague Muhammad Ssegirinya were granted bail by the high court in Masaka city on Monday, but it took a couple of days to process their release from prison.

Mr Ssegirinya remains in prison, because one of his sureties was not physically present to sign the court documents.

The two MPs are charged with terrorism, murder and attempted murder, in relation to a wave of machete killings in Uganda’s central region of Masaka.

At least 28 people were killed between July and August.