Trim down directorates, MoH PS’s urged

 Trim down directorates, MoH PS’s urged

The Zambia Medical Association has urged the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries in the Ministry of Health to trim down the number of directorate departments from eighteen to seven.

Speaking at a press briefing, Association president Dr Crispin Moyo said that close to 1, 500 doctors who were promoted to senior doctor level have not had their salaries upgraded.

Dr Moyo said the eight percent proposed budgetary allocation to the health sector in the 2022 national budget has fallen short of the Abuja declaration which demands 15 percent budget allocation to the health sector.

He also said that there is need for the Ministry of Health to prioritize creation of position for senior Doctors.

“Currently we have a lot of senior Doctors who are performing  consultant Jobs yet no job as senior Doctors, so there for need for the Ministry to create positions for them,” he said.