Tribute to Grey Zulu

 Tribute to Grey Zulu

Dear Editor,

The demise of the UNIP General Secretary Grey Zulu is a sad development. During his tenure of office, he was second highest in the hierarchy from President of the Party (UNIP) and the President of the Republic of Zambia.

Despite this loft position, he was a humble servant of the state and the people of Zambia, until 1991, when UNIP lost the general elections.

Late Grey Zulu deserves a state funeral which President Edgar Lungu has accorded him. He was not only humble, but a unifier, builder and good politician and counsellor. He was a patriot, freedom fighter and loyalist.

He was one of the pillars among other foregathers who fought for Zambia’s independence.

We shall miss him.

Sam Kalaba
Political Analyst

The Independent Observer

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