Tree branches along Zesco lines to be cut

 Tree branches along Zesco lines to be cut

Nchanga Constituency’s Kwacha ward Councilor Mimosa Phiri says that he will soon embark on cutting trees and branches along Kitwe road that are causing danger to Motorists, pedestrians as well as to Zesco lines.

Mr Phiri said that trees that are hanging along Kitwe road especially from town center heading to the KCM plant area must have their branches cut off immediately before the heavy rains starts.

“The matter has been brought to the attention of the Local Authority and they have agreed, I’m just waiting for the approval from the Director of Public to conduct an assessment so that the work commences before the onset of the rain season,” he said.

He said some trees are also posing danger to Zesco cables hence the need to cut off some branches before any accident is recorded.

Recently there was a concern from residents that some branches needs to be cut off before they start failing on the Zesco cables when the heavy rains starts.

And Mr Phiri has assured the residents to work on matter as he promised during the campaigns