Treat people well, for you don’t know what they will become in future

By Vernon Johnson Mwaanga (VJ)
“Rupiah Banda served under me, while Amusa Mwanamwambwa was my Press Secretary,” says Vernon J Mwaanga

When you hold a senior or leadership position, do NOT look down on anyone because you can never predict what the future holds.

“Amusa Mwanamwambwa was my press Secretary when l was Ambassador to the United Nations, but he later became my boss when he served as Speaker of the National Assembly while l was serving as Member of Parliament”.

“When l was Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Rupiah Banda served under me, but life revolved and he later became my President, the Head of State.”

“Life has taught me that, how you treat people today will determine your future relationships either with them or with others.”

“Life is a revolving door, some come in, while others go out. It revolves to the extent that you submit to people who once submitted to you.”

“Treat people with respect and goodness regardless of their status”.

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