Traditional leaders key in partners in development

 Traditional leaders key in partners in development

Chief Nkambo of the Lamba Speaking people says traditional leaders are key partners with the Government.

He said he feels appreciated if children recognize him and visits him.

Chief Nkambo said this when Copperbelt PF Chairperson who is also Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda called on him at his palace.

“When you as our children come to see us and explain what the Government of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is doing, we feel honored and recognized. We appreciate the works that President Edgar Lungu is doing. The works are evident for all to see. We will be praying for him that by the Grace of God, he will be able to address all the challenges the country is facing.

“We are partners with the Government in bringing Development to the people. We are the custodian of the Traditional and culture. We are the ones with the people at grassroots level and so when you recognize our presences, we feel happy. So you can go and convey our appreciation to the President for the work he is doing. We are praying for him and his PF Government,” said Chief Nkambo.

He said peace should be maintained in all levels in the country.

He said leaders should not be self-centered but put the interest of the people first.

“We are all working for the better of the people, so self should not be at the center of focus. If we are motivated by love, and love for God which is the meeting point, then we will be forced to recognize every human being and peace will prevail.”

“What causes violence is self-centeredness. Then that we can’t achieve any peace. We need to recognize God as our creator and that will make us know that every human being is a relative. We come with different characters despite belonging to different political parties, we come from one family. I urge my fellow countrymen and women to follow the path of peace,” said Chief Nkambo.

And Mr Chanda said he was happy that just last week President Edgar Lungu was re-emphasising the importance of national values and principles when he addressed the nation.

“We need to condemn violence, just like President Edgar Lungu has done. We appeal to other political partie leaders to emulate the stance taken by President Lungu. We have seen PF members disciplined for involving in any acts that is likely to bring name of party into public ridicule. We want to assure you and echoe the statement of President Edgar Lungu that we are assured of peace before, during and after the election because in the absence of peace, we can’t have any meaningful Development,” said Chanda.

“So we are so grateful and we will follow your advice as we have a lot to learn from you as your children.”

He assured of the PF support to traditional leaders on the Copperbelt.


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