Trade unions have compromised their cause

 Trade unions have compromised their cause

Dear Editor,

It is sad how the once vibrant Zambian Trade Unions through their leadership have compromised their noble cause of being a voice for their masters who are their members who pay them through their monthly contributions.

I have observed with dismay how most if not all Zambian Trade Unions have turned themselves into political stooges against the will and wish of their masters.

These Unions are not only in work places but also in high learning institutions and colleges; hence we have chaotic representation of the members’ welfare.

It is sad that that these Union Leaders don’t even hide their allegiance to political parties of their choice by openly branding their Union regalia alongside political parties of their patronage’s brands.

No wander even the mother body of Zambia Congress of Trade Union seem to have died a natural death, hence most unionised members have a lot of unresolved issues with their employees.

It is my earnest appeal that these Trade Unions revert back to their noble cause of being a voice for their members without showing or exhibiting and indeed playing politics in their line of duty.

As we head towards 12th August general elections, it is open knowledge that not all your members belong to your parties of patronage and therefore don’t drag you members into your dirty dealings of politics of the stomach.

Wisdom Muyunda


The Independent Observer

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