TopStar partners with Crown TV to launch ‘The Divorce Club Reunion’

 TopStar partners with Crown TV to launch ‘The Divorce Club Reunion’

TopStar has partnered with Crown TV to launch The Divorce Club Reunion, the sequel reality show to The Divorce Club.

The Divorce Club Reunion is the ultimate aftermath that brings back your favourite Divorce Club couples from season 1 for one last conversation to get clarity and a closure to all their pending issues.

Speaking during the launch at Protea Hotel Lusaka Towers on Wednesday, TopStar Chief Executive Officer, John Zhuang, in a speech read on his behalf by Public Relations Manager Joy Chula, said the company was happy to facilitate this partnership for The Divorce Club Reunion with Crown TV to support the promotion of quality and exciting premium local content which shall be accessible to more than 800,000 subscribers countrywide at an affordable fee.

Mr Zhuang said the Public signal distributor will make sure that it facilitates for quality local content that will not only entertain but also meet customer expectations.

“TopStar strives to meet subscribers’ expectations to provide local content that relates to their everyday lives and will ensure non-stop entertainment. It is our prayer that our contribution to facilitate this entertainment in the form of the reality drama series will keep subscribers glued to Crown TV” he said”.

Crown TV Managing Director Mwape Kumwenda said The Divorce Club Reunion and the content spoke volumes on what was happening in the communities on the high number of divorce cases in the country.

Ms Kumwenda noted that The Divorce Club not only entertains but educates and tells real life stories and society could not escape from the fact that these problems needed closure or solutions.

“When we talk about The Divorce Club and the content itself, we speak to ourselves as Zambians and what is happening. We have heard of reports of many cases of divorces and we need to get to understand what really is behind these increased cases. I think we see some of the answers in The Divorce Club Reunion.”

“We see some of the realities in the show and we can’t run away from the fact that we have these problems in our country. We are glad that Kazadi Films did not end with the first season of the show which talks about divorces only, “ she said.

And Kazadi Films CEO David Kazadi said the decision to take the Divorce Club Reunion through TopStar and Crown TV was bearing fruit and Zambia’s first hit reality show has been received by both the local and international markets.


Mr Kazadi said the success of the show was driven by the Zambian people’s appetite for more and that seeing a vision come to light was one thing but above all, seeing the support of the Zambian people was heart warming.

“A few months after we announced an industry scheduled partnership with TopStar and Crown TV, I stay delighted to see a cause which started as a big idea fostering to even a bigger brand. Our collective decisions to take our reality TV hit sensation the Divorce Club closer to the masses through TopStar is bearing fruits,” he said.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.