Tonga Chief hails president Lungu for supporting farmers

 Tonga Chief hails president Lungu for supporting farmers

Senior Chief Chikanta of the Tonga Speaking People has hailed President Edgar Lungu and his government for procuring and ensuring the delivery of farming inputs for the vulnerable farmers in the province on time.

Speaking when Power Times Enterprises Limited Managing Director Francis Mwakiposa paid a courtesy call on him at his Palace in Kalomo District, The Traditional leader described President Lungu as a caring President.

Power Times Enterprises Limited is a local and indigenous Zambian owned company that was contracted to supply farming inputs under the Food Security Pack FSP for the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services to give to the vulnerable but viable Zambian farmers in Southern Province for free.

The Traditional Leader said that his subjects are very excited by the fact that farming inputs have been delivered on time enabling them to prepare themselves in time for the planting season.

And the Senior Chief has since urged Government to continue to engage local companies like Power Times Enterprise who attach great importance to delivering inputs in good time for farmers to conduct their farming business.

And Choma District Commissioner Penasho Mulenga has commended Power Times Enterprises for their swift and timely delivery of farming inputs to Choma district.

Mr Mulenga has since directed the district Commmunity Development Office to quickly expedite the distribution process of 4, 800 bags of fertilizer allocated to the vulnerable but viable 1,600 farmers in Choma district.

Meanwhile Power Times Enterprise Limited Managing Director Francis Mwakiposa has disclosed that his company was contracted to supply 33,400 bags of compound D and 16,700 bags of Urea Fertilizer to all the 13 Districts of Sounthern Province.

Mr Mwakiposa said that His Company has since supplied and delivered 100 percent of the inputs to all the 13 Districts in a record time of 14 days ahead of the 30 days scheduled time frame.

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