Timely, passionate advice to president HH  

 Timely, passionate advice to president HH   

Dear President

The OP will share with you the information you would want to hear but us on the ground, will tell you exactly how it is.

In August 2019, based on the interactions I had with people, I sent you a message on Facebook in which I indicated that people were talking of you being an alternative to PF regime and all you needed was to protect the vote.

Thankfully, people voted and you protected the vote. Today, you are the President of the Republic of Zambia. I am not a cadre but an entrepreneur who interacts with people of all sorts including the lowly ones in communities. I hold a degree in Information Technology and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management.

The way I advised you out of sincerity then is the same way I am doing it today. The 2.8 million who voted for you were not all UPND members. The major thing people wanted to see was justice to be done. And justice included firing of PF cadres in government institutions and those who participated in criminalities and looting of resources be prosecuted.

Your delay in acting has left so many people disappointed. And your delay has given PF members still in your government together with other senior PF leaders to plan your downfall in 2026. When you hear them saying you will be a one term President, they know what they are talking about.

2021 election was a unique one. It was Zambians Vs PF. 2026 election will be UPND Vs Opposition Parties. This will make it difficult for UPND to gunner 51 plus outrightly. Then opposition parties will form an alliance to upset the ruling party. The tribal campaign talk will bear fruit in 2026. You should expect a different ball game.

In addition, don’t underrate the likes of Nawakwi, Kambwili, Lubinda and Nakachinda. This is a formidable team that can turn the tables. In the past, people rubbished what they were saying because you were not in government.

Hence, people had nothing to compare you against with. Now, they are comparing you with what they have heard against what you do. PF was arrogant. They were not listening to people.

In your case, you are smartly not listening to people. People waited for 2021 elections to express themselves. Remember that if you don’t quickly act, people are already talking about 2026. People who are happy with your methodical approach are PF members. They know that it has worked to their advantage.

Elias Munshya and Alice Musukwa vigorously campaigned for you on social media. These together with their followers are already disappointed with your methodical approach. Your numbers are dwindling.

My advice to you is that take a working holiday and make ALL Presidential appointments as quickly as possible. And let your appointments be balanced. For example, Stanley Kakubo and Chipo Mwanawasa are first cousins. Why not just appoint one from the family and the other one compete with others for other vacancies?

Presidential appointments are limited and you don’t need to appoint so many from one family. If you don’t act correctly, you will make people like Sean Tembo look intelligent who claims that your appointments are limited to people in your phone book. And remember what Fred Mmembe used to write in Post Newspaper about Bantustan.

You have scored tremendously in other areas but more needs to be done. Five (5) year mandate will finish like brink of an eye!! We are here to support you.

I have confidence that you will act timeously otherwise; any delay will hurt you in 2026. Don’t underrate the opposition. Already, people are so much disappointed with your delay in ‘forming the government’. People who are cheering you are enemies of progress. They want you to make as many mistakes so that they capitalize on them in future.

Concerned Citizen.

The Independent Observer


John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism