Thousands hold protests against Tunisia president

 Thousands hold protests against Tunisia president

Thousands of Tunisians took to the streets in the capital, Tunis, on Sunday to protest against President Kais Saied’s political measures and rising food prices.

A co-ordinator from the Citizens against the Coup coalition – one of the protest organisers – told the state broadcaster that they rejected the country’s “new constitution” that was “drawn up unilaterally” by Mr Saied.

Islamist Ennahda Movement official Ali al-Arid told the channel that protests would continue in the form of sit-ins, marches and hunger strikes.

The protesters assembled on central Tunis thoroughfare chanting the slogan “Leave”, state news agency TAP reported.

It also published photos of the crowds waving Tunisian flags and loaves of bread, a reference to rising food prices.

Mr Saied has pushed through a series of moves expanding his powers and dismantling elected institutions since last year, when he suspended parliament.

Earlier this month, he announced a plan for a “new republic” in Tunisia which would be put to referendum on 25 July.