Those littering, spiting must be arrested or fined-Chingola DC

 Those littering, spiting must be arrested or fined-Chingola DC

Chingola District Commissioner Agnes Tonga has given directive to the council officers to arrest or fine people who are littering and spiting.

Ms Tonga said anyone who is found should be dealt with accordingly without remorse so that people become responsible for their actions.

She said people should be cautious with what they are doing so that safety and health is maintained in the district.

She was speaking yesterday when she visited town centre market, bus station and shops around town centre to sensitize the residents on coronavirus (Covid-19) and see if people are adhering to the rules set.

Ms Tonga who was in the company council officers and officers from the District health Office spoke to the bus drivers, marketeers, shop owners and passengers to keep up with the health rules to prevent themselves from the virus.

She said that she was impressed that the shops including the marketeers and drivers had sanitizer and basins of water for hand washing.

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