Thieves run away with Bonaza coins

 Thieves run away with Bonaza coins

By Staff Writer
Two Unknown criminals have broken into a shop of a Chinese National in Luanshya and stole unknown amount of coins from two Bonaza machines, an Itel Phone blue tooth speaker and K300 cash.

Esther Mishi 27, of Chipese village in Mpongwe also a Bonanza sales lady for Lee whose other names not known also a Chinese National owner of the shop, reported that two unknown men she cannot identify even if seen again broke into the shop where she operates from as a sales lady and had her hands tied behind by the same men.

The incident occurred on August 10, 2022 around 02:00 hours and the thieves went away with one black A16 itel cell phone valued at K1,000=00, a black Bluetooth speaker valued at K350, also cash money amounting to K300 altogether stolen items valued at K1,650=00.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Sharon Zulu said this happened when the victim was in the shop where she operates from during day time and sleeps during night time.

Ms Zulu said around 02:00hrs whilst sleeping in the same shop she heard some noise of someone jumping into the shop which made her to wake up and hid under the counter.

She said the victim was later followed by the two unknown men who wore black hoods and masks.

“She was then warned not to scream as she would be killed. She had her hands tied behind using thick rubber ropes and started breaking the two Bonanza machines which contained unknown amount of coins and stole from therein the said coins. She was searched by the criminals who got away with her cash money, her personal cell phone and a Bluetooth speaker,” she said.

Ms Zulu said the victim’s condition is stable and the Scene of crime was visited by police and medical report form was issued.

Docket of case opened though no arrest was made

Alice Nachilembe

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