There was nothing wrong for Avic workers to speak to Kambwili-Witness

By Thulasizwe Tembo in Luanshya
A witness has told the Luanshya Magistrate Court that there was nothing wrong for AVIC International workers to speak with Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

This is in a matter where Kambwili and 11 others are charged with unlawful assembly failed to take off as he was unwell.

It is alleged that Kambwili and 11 others on November 25, in Luanshya, jointly and whilst acting together, unlawfully assembled with intent to carryout some common purpose and did conduct themselves in such a manner as to cause persons in the neighborhood reasonably to fear that they will commit a breach of peace.

The matter is before Ndola Principal Resident Magistrate Obister Musukwa.

Kambwili 50, who is NDC leader and 11 others denied the charge of unlawful assembly.

When the matter came up for trial, Leonard Ng’ambi, a Teacher profession but waiting to be recruited and posted government, said without a contract form, one can not know their terms of employment conditions.

Ng’ambi, 29 who is working as Human Resource Officer for AVIC International projects in Luanshya said their was no ill intention the workers to demand for the contract forms.

“Me as Human Resource Officer, I was employed AVIC on the promise that I will be given my contract forms. The workers were not represented any union. There is no union but a board. The workers can only know their conditions through the contract forms.

“Yes, they were justified to ask for their contracts forms for them to know their conditions. Yes, there was no ill intention for the workers to demand for contracts forms,” Ng’ambi said when asked defence lawyer Caristo Mukonka if the workers where right to demand for their contracts.

He further admitted that he was unqualified to hold the position of Human Resource Manager.

“Yes, I failed on my duties as HR. Am aware that its illegal to be HR without a certificate and member of Zambia Institute of Human Resource Management. Yes, I was incompitete to hold the position of HR.”

Ng’ambi then admitted that it was the responsibility of the Member of Parliament to solve problems of the community.

“Yes, it is the responsibility of the MP to deal with problems in his constituency. Yes it is true all the accused are based in Roan constituency. There is nothing wrong for the accused to go to A1 (Kambwili) as MP.”

Magistrate Musukwa adjourned the matter to March 13, for mention and April 2,3 and 4 for continued trial.

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