The use of peaceful nuclear could help a stable base load-Lubinda

Preaching green energy and they are now paying for that this winter! That rhetoric should not consume Zambia.”

The use of peaceful nuclear power could help to create a stable base load and sustain the country’s growing population.

“We need to proceed on the path of seeking peaceful nuclear power in order to sustain our growing population and region at large,” he said. “Ask any sober engineer and they will tell you that the maximum we can harness in terms of hydroelectric power is not more than 5,000 megawatts. Our rivers are drying. We are cutting down trees at an alarming rate! We are careless hence no rainfall.”

I want to call on the government to utilize the expertise of those who have worked on the nuclear energy project in the past.

“There is a program that government started on nuclear energy,” he said. “How far is this project? People with institutional memory on this project have since been scattered around.

“ I was one of the people that worked on the Turnkey of the research reactor! No one has ever come to ask me about the project in 3 years! That’s how this country gets it wrong! The late Msiska had done quite a lot for us to diversify into nuclear! People he worked with are still there! Let’s just do the right thing. We shall end up a disaster in the future when it’s too late.”

By Lubinda Haabazoka