The UPND govt has to make a business decision over KCM

 The UPND govt has to make a business decision over KCM

Caritas Zambia Chingola Coordinator Eugene Mulenga has called on Government to use business lenses in making a decision over Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

Mr Mulenga has urged Government to quickly look into the issue of KCM from a business point and not from a political point of view.

He said KCM involves a business deal and Vedanta resource is on the plate to change the atmosphere.

Mr Mulenga said the decision by Government to take a conscious approach on KCM is understandable as Zambian are in agreement that many things went wrong before the liquidation process.

He said a decision was made which has resulted in procrastinating court process for over three years without any tangible results achieved.

“The question is for how long are we going to wait? And are we able to sustain the cost of operations for the mine? A decision will have to be made, weather wrong or right whatever the outcome,” he said.

Mr Mulenga has also called on Zambians to trust the government of President Hichilema as it addresses the KCM investor issue while putting politics aside.

He suggested that the UPND Government must be given a chance to prove their worth and see if they cannot negotiate for a better deal for the Zambians.

Mr Mulenga said that Government should put in mind that the same Zambians will be their judges at some point.