The Silence of Christ Book goes on Amazo

 The Silence of Christ Book goes on Amazo

By Mercy Chewe
A book authored by Zambian Catholic Priest Fr. Francis Katuta O.F.M Conventual has gone on sale on Amazon – the popular American multinational conglomerate which focuses on e-commerce.

The book titled THE SILENCE OF CHRIST: “Lord don’t you care?” based on Mark 4:38, was uploaded on Amazon on August 3.

Fr. Katuta, who is based in Malawi as a missionary, says the impact of Covid-19 pandemic inspired him to write the book.

Reflecting on the suffering brought by Covid19, Fr. Katuta said the silence of Christ in difficult times is not the absence of Christ in someone’s life.

He said in the book he is reminding people to learn and grow from difficulties.

 “Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Have you ever felt God had abandoned you to suffer alone? Have you ever cried to God without receiving any answer? Do you feel that Christ is ignoring your prayers and your problems? This work has given an extensive explanation on the silence of Christ,” Fr. Katuta stated.

“This is a book for every Christian whose desire is to be close to Jesus, every Christian who wants to understand why Christ seems to be silent in their life.”

“In Chapter two, I have extensively discussed the silence of Christ in people`s problems. I have given examples on how people feel Christ has abandoned them and is ignoring their prayers. Often when you`re praying about something, instead of receiving the answer right away, your prayers are met with silence. God seems not to be answering your prayers. In Chapter three, I have shown that the silence of Jesus in your problems is not the absence of Jesus in your life,” he said.

Fr. Katuta holds a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, a Baccalaureate Degree in Theology, a Diploma in Theology and a Diploma in Psycho-Spirituality.

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