The Nkhuwas donate a wheelchair to Rev Mukupa

 The Nkhuwas donate a wheelchair to Rev Mukupa

The family of Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa has donated a wheelchair to Senior Resident Pastor Japhet Mukupa of Chikola Pentecostal Holiness.

Rev Mukupa 73, had fallen ill in February this year but after getting well, his legs became paralysed.

The church talked to Mr Nkhuwa lobbying for a wheelchair on behalf of their senior pastor and today, Mr Nkhuwa sent his wife Rose Nkhuwa to deliver the wheelchair.

Ms Nkhuwa said Mr Nkhuwa could have loved to make the donation himself but he had sensed the agency attached to the request, no wonder he delegated to ensure that Rev Mukupa was mobile.

She said Mr Nkhuwa was hopeful that the wheelchair will reduce the burden in the wife of Rev Mukupa and improve his mobility.

“Your area Member of Parliament is a God loving man who loves to help others. His major aim is to improve the lives of others. When the request was made for wheelchair for Rev Mukupa, he didn’t hesitate because the man of God has been of good standing in his church.

“Your MP wants to work with the church to improve the lives of the people. As the Nkhuwas we stand with the church and Rev Mukupa in these times,” she said.

And speaking after receiving the wheelchair on behalf of Rev Mukupa, acting Pastor Coaster Chitambala thanked the Nkhuwas for the gesture.

Pastor Chitambala said the donation will benefit the church and the household of Rev Mukupa.

He cited Psalms 20:1-3 which says;

“May the Lord answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you. May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion. May he remember all your sacrifices and accept your burnt offerings,” he said.

Rev Mukupa was not in attendance because he is hospitalized.

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