The Honourable I offer myself to be

 The Honourable I offer myself to be

Dear Editor,

I don’t want to capitalise on the vulnerability of my constituents to get to Parliament!

That’s not honourable! I want to work on their strengths and mine to get to parliament then together we amplify our strengths and potential for a better Nchanga and Chingola!

That’s honourable, and that’s what l offer! I don’t want to hold my constituents at ransom by making them think they can not do without me, l don’t want to portray like l hold the monopoly of wisdom or the only solution to their problems!

I want my constituents to be the biggest players and input in my decision making, its them I intend to serve, so its their interests that should come first.

I have sadly observed aspiring parliamentarians and councillors getting all excited about funerals, accidents, family disasters and all to make a name for themselves by being big donors. Take away funerals and family disasters, they’ll have nothing to offer the constituents.

I want an empowered constituency were the constituents will be able to afford their own funerals and handle their own misfortunes. Of course as human beings we’ll always mourn together, we’ll sort out our misfortunes and shortcomings together and as No.1 constituent, l’ll always be available in any way humanly possible.

I will not use the privilege of a parliamentarian for my own selfish interests, am too proud to be called names, l want ukutashiwa, that’s my weakness! After my time in parliament, l want to leave a good name and legacy, not ati ba mwankole, No!

Like our President Dr. Chishimba Kambwili like to say, be there for the people and the people will be there for you!

With the people on my side, l don’t see any reason why l should fail to deliver development to Nchanga Constituency.

I have a big and heavy vision, and the people of Nchanga and Chingola at large will help me carry that vision and execute it!

Lesa fye eka!

Arthur Teleshi
Aspiring MP
Nchanga Constituency

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